Learn How to Convert Waste into Fuels and Energy


Waste Conversion Technologies

The Waste Conversion Technology Conference & Trade Show (WCTC) provides an educational and networking forum for informing the public and private sectors of the economic and environmental significance of converting waste materials into alternative fuels such as biogas, syngas, plastic derived fuels, biodiesel and ethanol as well as other renewable fuels.Learn about:

  • Gasification,
  • Pyrolysis,
  • Anaerobic Digestion,
  • Plasma Arch and
  • other innovative Thermal and Non-thermal Waste Conversion Technologies.

Who Are We?

My name is Gene Jones and I am the Executive Director for a small non-profit group called the Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX).  Since 1981, SWIX has acted as a waste match-maker putting waste generators in touch with waste users.  In addition to our waste match-making services, we run several conferences in the recycling and environmental remediation arenas.

Why Do We Run this Event?

Over the years we have worked an a variety of waste conversion projects helping companies obtain feedstocks for their projects.  We love recycling and projects that take waste materials and divert them from landfills in a viable and safe way.  It is our goal to help foster the waste conversion industry by educating and bringing like minded people together to network.

Who Attends WCTC?

WCTC is truly one of the key waste conversion industry networking events of the year.  By no means are we a large conference, nor do we want to be one.  We draw 150  to 250 professionals every year and have been doing this for the past 10 years.   If you want to go to an event with thousands of attendees, of which 90% you’ll never meet, then you need attend one of the other shows.  If you want quality leads over quantity, then come join us.  If you want to increase your networking and contacts in this business, you need to be at WCTC 2019.