Ryan Cooper


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Trends in Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste

Ryan Cooper, Waste Diversion Manager, Organics Recycling Lead, Rubicon Global


Anaerobic digestion, stand-alone, on-farm, and at WRRFs is one current pathway for food waste. This solution gets a lot of attention and investment. What is the future of this industry and how does it relate to other methods of organics recycling? 


Ryan M. Cooper, LEED GA, Waste Diversion Manager and Organics Recycling Lead at Rubicon Global joined the company in October 2015. Prior to designing, implementing and managing organics recycling programs at Rubicon, Ryan worked at GreenBlue, where he was a Project Associate for the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). In this role, he administered an EPA sustainable materials management grant project called Scaling Up Composting in the Charlotte Region. He worked with the Carolina Panthers, Mecklenburg County Jails, YMCA, and others to begin organics recycling programs. In addition to working on this project, he also worked with the City of Charlottesville, VA, to develop a pilot residential composting program. Ryan also provided advisory services to the SPC regarding a compostable packaging label.     Prior to joining GreenBlue, Ryan received his Master of Science in Regenerative Studies at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where his thesis focused on municipal anaerobic digestion and composting. He worked with the City of Asheville, NC, on a feasibility study for curbside organics collection. He has established a state permitted compost facility near Asheville and has written for BioCycle Magazine. Ryan holds a position on the Membership Committee of the US Composting Council.