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Norbert Barszczewski



Norbert Barszczewski, Associate in Research, Center for Biomedical & Toxicological Research, Florida State University


Mr. Barszczewski holds a graduate degree in International Relations from the Florida State University. Additionally he has a graduate degree from the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow, Poland. Mr. Barszczewski's research interests and expertise have led to his involvement in all aspects of the international activities that CBTR conducts. He has been involved with the organization of large-scale international symposia and conferences as well as technical workshops held in Europe, Central Asia and the United States. He has the ability to speak several languages (Polish, Russian, Spanish and German).

Mr. Barszczewski's technical expertise with regard to IT has also developed throughout the years spent in CBTR. He has served as a network administrator and certified webmaster managing a variety of web related projects including interactive event planning and internet security. His activities have also included database development, desktop publishing and others.

Mr. Barszczewski provides project management assistance to the federal and international agency initiatives that CBTR conducts (e.g. U.S. Department of Energy, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and NATO Science Program.)