Multiple Registrations


Details for Registering more than one individual in one step.

Proceed to the Register Now button. 

This will bring up WCTC: Payment System:  

1. WCTC: Payment System: Step One   

Step One contains a list of items to select from.   Select the item you want.  

2. WCTC: Payment System: Step Two  

Change the quantity of items you want can click “Update Quantities” the click on "Proceed To Checkout”.  

3. WCTC: Payment System: Step Three  

Type in the Last Name OR email address of the person you are registering and click “Next Step”  

4.  WCTC: Payment System: Step Four  

This will bring up a list of individuals with that last name or email address.    Click on the appropriate name or if the individual’s name does not appear click on "If your name does not appear on this list, Click Here.”  This will bring up the next step.  

5. WCTC: Payment System: Step Five  

This will contain ad database entry form for the individual you are trying to register.  This includes exhibitors and sponsors.  Review and complete the info.  Field names in Bold are required.  click “Next Step” when done.  

6. WCTC: Payment System: Step Six  

This step contains a summary of the order.  Please proof the info concerning the items ordered as well as the address information for the registrant.  Complete the credit card payment info.  

Important note here is that the ZipCode for the credit card section must match the ZipCode for where the Credit Card Statement is mailed to.  

If you have registered more than one person, in the Comment / Special Instruction  Box below the credit card form, please list the names of all the individuals you are registering.

If you need to talk to someone for assistance call Gene Jones at 850-558-0617