Marianne Gyllenhammar


Presentation Title

Material Recycling of Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) and Plastic Wastes via Thermal Conversion

Marianne Gyllenhammar, Project Manager, Stena Recycling International AB


The possibility to chemically recycle automotive shredder residue (ASR) has been explored in a semiindustrial-  scale gasification system (Chalmers 2−4 MWth CFB gasifier). In addition to traditional mechanical recycling,  gasification of waste plastics, e.g. ASR, can increase the recycling efficiency, through carbon recovery. Almost 60% of the carbon in the ASR was recovered in the  form of gas with good quality. Even though fuel with a high content of ash was used, operational problems in the form of bed defluidization were not experienced.  


Marianne Gyllenhammar has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology. She is working as Project manager at the R&D department at Stena Metal Group, which is the leading recycler of metals and Electronics in the Nordic countries. She has 32 years of professional experience from thermal conversion technology and recovery of waste with concentration on environmental issues, energy optimisation and material recycling. She has worked closely with Universities and research institutes to develop better recycling and recovery of wastes with the challenge to get all waste higher up in the waste hierarchy