Jon Timbers


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PolyUsable – How Chemical Recycling Will Make ‘Single Use Plastic’ a Footnote in Human History

Jon Timbers, Director – Innovation and Sustainability, Americas Styrenics, LLC


What would the future of recycling look like if we could remove the two largest barriers?  What if incoming contamination and outbound product quality were no longer an issue?  What if the end market for recycled commodities perfectly matched the markets that produced that waste initially?  A circle must end where it began.  PolyUsable technology connects the end of today’s linear economy back to its beginning.


Jon is a chemical engineer that spent the first 15 years of his career in plastics manufacturing.  After several engineering roles at Dow Chemical facilities, he was the plant manager at the AmSty polystyrene production facility in Illinois.  He then moved out of manufacturing as the AmSty Polystyrene Marketing Manager.  He is currently the AmSty Senior Manager of Innovation and Sustainability.  Jon is the chairman of the ACC Plastics Foodservice Packaging Group and sits on the PLASTICS Industry Association Sustainability Advisory Board.  Jon seeks to leverage technology and innovation to bring new solutions to the market for hard to recycle plastics.