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Dirk Lechtenberg


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Processing Municipal Solid Waste into Fuels

Dirk Lechtenberg, Founder and Managing Director, MVW Lechtenberg & Partner


MVW Lechtenberg & Partner describes new Technologies for the use of Municipal Solid wastes as Fuel for cement Plants.   Especially for countries, where typically no separate waste collection is done, this new technologies for using Municipal Solid Waste as Alternative Fuels offers chances for the cement industry to be a partner for municipalities to offer sustainable waste management solutions.     


Dirk Lechtenberg, 50, is a pioneer in the field of the production and use of alternative fuels. He is the founder and Managing Director of the consulting company MVW Lechtenberg & Partner in Germany. He is the Editor of the "Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Handbook for the cement & Lime Industry" a Standard compendium of the Industry.