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Colin Kelly


Presentation Title

Waste Conversion Technologies: Applications, Challenges, and Economic Drivers

Colin Kelly, Vice President of Business Development, Brightmark Energy


Brightmark Energy (https://www.brightmarkenergy.com), develops projects that use anaerobic digestion, pyrolosis, gasification, gas upgrading technologies, and power technologies.  We've developed a framework for evaluating these technologies and determining when/how to deploy them.  This presentation will convey the framework and explain the factors that need to be present to make these projects work.  


Colin Kelly is a Vice President of Business Development at Brightmark Energy.  He develops projects that convert municipal solid waste, animal manure, plastics, and other recyclables to useful bi-products, such as biogas, syngas, and fertilizer.  Prior to joining Brightmark in 2016, Colin worked for Exelon Corporation where he focused on developing combined cycle gas power plants.  Colin is also a veteran of the U.S. Army having served in South Korea and Iraq from 2002 to 2006 and reaching the rank of Captain.