Brian Schellati


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One Landfill’s Approach to Making Processed Engineered Fuels (PEF) – CIP Puebla

Brian Schellati, Director of Business Development, Van Dyke Recycling Solutions


How a landfill in Mexico has greatly increased diversion through recycling and the production of processed engineered fuels (PEF) for a local cement kiln.  Hear about some of the steps required to make these types of projects successful and what pitfalls to look out for. 


Mr. Schellati is the Director of Business Development at Van Dyk Recycling Solutions.  He joined them in 2010 with a specific focus on growing new markets.  Markets such as mixed waste processing, compost refining and glass recycling.  He is currently involved in the MRF design for several projects that utilize many different biological and thermal conversion technologies.  With a focus in the power generation industry, Mr. Schellati has over 15 years experience of successful business development for several industrial equipment suppliers.  He received an MBA and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Lehigh University.  Mr. Schellati was born, raised and still resides just outside New York City in Westchester County.